Do you know what funding is available to you?

If you need to arrange care for yourself or someone else, the local council’s Social Care department can help you. You may be eligible for financial support.

First of all, contact the social care department at your local council to arrange an assessment of your care needs – for the person needing care.

This process of planning care – with your local council – is called self-directed support. They will then determine what level of financial support you might be eligible for to meet those needs. If you qualify for funding, the council can organise and pay for your care on your behalf or give you a cash payment to do so yourself.

If you are not entitled to free or partially-funded home care, or you wish to supplement your care, you can also pay for our services as a private client.

For more information about how care services are funded, visit Edinburgh Council website 

Further information may also be found on the Care Information Scotland website.

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