Live In & Respite Care Services in Edinburgh and the Lothian Region

Respite & Live In Care Services

At Unfading Care, the Health and Social care standards and their principles are at the heart of every thing that we do.

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What is A Short Break?

A short break is for adults and their families. It can range from an activity which lasts for a few hours to overnight stays of a number of days.

They can take place during the holidays, at weekends, during the day or overnight.

Short breaks can sometimes be referred to as ‘respite services’.

Tailored Breaks

The breaks can be tailored to include trips and activities that your loved one enjoys, creating lasting memories and providing a break from their daily routine.

Alternatively you may require assistance for a short period of time in your family home, or in the community, providing you with a much needed short break from your caring duties.

Please contact us about providing you with a carer, or two, for a break that fits in with your family’s needs. Let us support you in making a little time for yourself or other members of your family.

Our carers can assist with:

– Shopping
– Cooking
– Day trips e.g. to the beach, theme parks and other attractions.
– Activities including: cinema, concerts, meals out
– Relaxation – being available while your loved one watches a movie, listens to music, etc.

Personal Care

An Unfading Care carer will help maintain your daily goals, primarily focusing on dignity, independence and respect with activities that could include: 

  • Support with getting up and going to bed 
  • Mobility assistance 
  • Support with personal hygiene  
  • Gentle reminders and assistance with eating and drinking 
  • Prompting and reminders to take necessary medication 
  • Maintaining dignity and respect while supporting clients with continence care 
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Household Support

Household Support

Our carers will prepare meals, cooked to your preferences and dietary requirements. Whether you need help with food preparation or meals cooked within your home, we can help with all your culinary needs, from simple meals, microwave ready-meals to freshly prepared dishes. 

 Our carers are always available to accompany you to the supermarket or even get the shopping done for you by getting all that you desire.  

 They will also be able to help you with household and tedious but necessary tasks, such as vacuum cleaning, doing the laundry, cleaning and other chores. 

Community Support

Our warm-hearted carers will provide you with support and encourage you to participate actively in your own community, to help maintain your sense of belonging while interacting with same minded people.   

Community Support
Emotional Support

Emotional Support

It is our aim to make a difference in your life. Whilst there is often an understanding in society that carers can only support with personal care, mobility problems and administering medication, they can assist with much more. We will provide you with a companionship as and when you need it, making sure that your privacy is maintained at all levels, including providing support at medical appointments.  It will be our priority to match a carer who shares similar interests to yourself, to make your day to day routine more stimulating and more important, to be there for you to support your psychological and emotional needs. 

Medication Support

Our trained carers will call and collect your repeat prescriptions from the pharmacy.  They are also trained in medication management, including using electronic medication systems.  

Medication Support

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