Unfading Care provides Breakaway. Respite and Live-in care services based in Edinburgh, and throughout the Lothian region.

Why Unfading Care?

Respite, and Live-In Care Services In And Around Edinburgh, and throughout the Lothian region.

Unfading Care is a innovative, forward-thinking family-run organisation. Our philosophy is focused on independence and securing the peace of mind which comes from having one-to-one support and gentle companionship in your own home. Unfading Care was founded in Scotland at the end of 2019 with an aim to become a lead organisation delivering high-quality care. We cater for respite excursions, and other care activities that may also include Live-In care services.

Three reasons to choose Unfading Care

As a family-run business, we highly value our carers and we ensure they are supported around the clock and are in regular contact with the Care Manager.

Carers with a high standard

Our carers will have a high standard of care experience adding to the continuous training of the latest programmes and on-going professional development.

A fully regulated service

When you opt for Unfading Care, you are choosing a full-service home care provider that will manage your support from the beginning until the end. Therefore, this fully managed service is only possible because we are registered, licensed and regulated to provide this support, with the Care Inspectorate.

Meet The Team

Jose and Jennifer Mendes have a shared passion for hospitality and ensuring that people are well cared for.  We wish to bring the Christian values of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, and love to the business as we believe that this will have a refreshing impact on both our clients and their families.

We also believe that a foundation of mutual respect and the motivation to always give one’s very best is key to long-lasting work relationships and delivering quality care.

Unfading Care is the fruition of years of care experience, prayer, and a sincere desire to make a positive difference in our local community. We have a yearning to ensure that each of our clients is offered the very best quality care and we will take the time to listen to what is needed. Our clients are each different, each unique, and at Unfading Care we always bear this in mind as we tailor your experiences with us.

Accreditations and Awards

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